Geometry (Figure Drawing, Construction, Measurement)

Clicking the button on the Sticky Note Menu displays a Geometry Sticky Note. This type of sticky note can be used to draw and construct figures, and to measure angles and lengths in the resulting figure.

  • ① [Freehand Tool]: For freehand drawing. This tool can be used to plot a point, or to draw a line segment, polyline, polygon, or circle.
  • ② [Draw Tools]: Clicking in the Geometry Sticky Note draws the corresponding figure at that location. You can use these tools to plot points, and to draw a line segment, line, ray, vector, circle, arc, polygon, or other figure.
  • ③ [Selection Tool]: For selecting figures. Dragging the pointer creates a box that selects the figure inside the box.
  • ④ [Pan Tool]: Shifts the drawing area.
  • ⑤ [Properties]: Click to configure color, line type, display status, and other settings for the selected figure.
  • ⑥ [Delete Tool]: Click to delete the selected figure.
  • ⑦ Shows the result of a measurement using a measurement tool.
  • ⑧ A calculation can be performed using measurement results.

Tool Palette

Selecting a figure with the Selection Tool displays a tool palette like the one shown below. The items included in the tool palette depend on the type and the number of selected items.

  • ① [Adjustment Tools]: These tools can be used to adjust angles and lengths, to make two lines parallel or perpendicular to each other, etc.
  • ② [Measurement Tools]: These tools can be used to measure angles, lengths, etc. A measurement result can be used in a calculation by clicking [Expression].
  • ③ [Construction Tools]: These tools can be used to construct perpendicular lines, a midpoint, intersection point, angle bisector, and other figures, and to change reflection, rotation, and other factors.