Graphing and Numerical Table Creation

Clicking the button on the Sticky Note Menu displays a Graph Sticky Note. Next, clicking the icon at the bottom the Graph Sticky Note displays a Graph Function Sticky Note. Inputting a graph function formula and pressing the soft keyboard EXE key will display the corresponding graph.

Now you can add a graph function formula by clicking the button at the bottom of the Graph Function Sticky Note.


  • ① In addition to rectangular coordinate formulas (y=), you can also graph inequalities and polar coordinate formulas.
  • ② A slider automatically appears if the graph function formula includes a variable. Shift the slider to change the value of the variable.
  • ③ A table can be generated by clicking the Graph Function Sticky Note button.
  • ④ Clicking anywhere on a graph displays the coordinates of the clicked point. This can be used for graph analysis.