Statistical Calculation, Regression Calculation, Statistical Graphing

Clicking the button on the Sticky Note Menu displays a Statistical Data Sticky Note. You can input statistical data and select the data to be used for calculation. You can perform statistical calculation and regression calculation, and draw statistical graphs by selecting the applicable item on the tool palette at the bottom of the screen.

  • ① Performing statistical calculation displays the data range (①-1) and statistical calculation results (①-2). Clicking the [more] button displays calculation result details.
  • ② Performing regression calculation displays the data range (②-1), regression calculation results (②-2), and regression graph (②-3) are displayed.
  • ③ Drawing a statistical graph displays the data range (③-1) and statistical graph (③-2).

Tool Palette

The statistical calculations, regression calculations, and statistical graphs available on the palette depend on the statistical data selection status.

  • Statistical Calculations
    1. One-Variable, Two-Variable
  • Regression Calculations
    1. Linear Regression, MedMed Line, Quadratic Regression, Cubic Regression, Quartic Regression, Logarithmic Regression, Exponential Regression, abExponential Regression, Power Regression, Sinusoidal Regression, Logistic Regression
  • Statistical Graphs
    1. Scatter Plot, Box & Whisker Plot, Histogram, Pie Chart, Dot Plot
  • Distributions
    1. Normal Cumulative Distribution