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What is

Casio has been developing products that correspond to each country's education environment by having our developers visit countries around the world to collect opinions from teachers and students on-site, as well as information on the state of education in each country, so that these can be reflected in our products.

The product concept of is "Digitalization on the student's desk."
By combining learning tools and the digital notes feature into a single application, is a cloud-based (storing data and operating via the Internet) learning service that can be used in any lesson. offers the best cloud-based learning service for schools that have introduced a one-device-per-student system, and will continue to evolve into a more user-friendly service that reflects the opinions of teachers and students around the world.

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Main Features

1. Graphing Calculator function "ClassPad Math"

Promotes retention of knowledge by visually understanding changes to, and properties of, graphs and shapes
Calculations and shapes, etc. can be rendered using simple operations to reduce the time spent on writing on the blackboard and make classes more efficient

Functional Calculus
Input formulas to perform a variety of calculations
Useful for checking answers and performing complex calculations

Shapes can be drawn easily by inputting handwriting or numerical values
Formulas and theorems can be checked visually by moving shapes, to promote understanding and retention of knowledge

A variety of graphs can be drawn by inputting handwriting or formulas
Formulas and theorems can be checked visually by moving graphs, to promote understanding and retention of knowledge

Statistical calculations and statistical graphs can be rendered by inputting numerical values
Complex graphs can be easily drawn, reducing the time spent on writing on the blackboard and making classes more efficient

ClassPad Math Plus *Fees apply

Computer Algebra System (CAS)
CAS is a software program facilitating symbolic mathematics.

Advanced Statistical Calculations
Advanced statistical functions such as Test, Interval, Distribution and Inverse regression are available

Financial Calculations
Various financial calculations can be executed

Handwriting Recognition
Formulas and functions can be input using handwriting

2. Digital Notes Feature

Teachers can reduce time spent writing on the blackboard and use that time more efficiently
Students can develop their cognitive skills through independent research and compilation

A colorful sticky notes feature that feels just like using real paper notes

Open a new notebook and click on the icon of the sticky note you want to use, and the following functions will be available for use

Text sticky notes

■ Feels just like hand-writing paper notes
■ Add text to a sticky note of any color you like (Select character size, weight, color, vertical writing or horizontal writing)
■ Handwriting input with a stylus is also supported (pen thickness and color can be changed)

Application example in class
· Can be used instead of a blackboard to reduce the amount of time spent writing on a blackboard

Camera sticky notes

■ Captured photos and videos can be loaded directly into the digital notes; convenient for extracurricular lessons and completing practical reports
■ Photos and videos can be taken on your own device
■ Importing of captured photos and videos is also supported

Application example in class
· Photos taken during extracurricular lessons can be attached to notes as-is

Link sticky notes

■ Records sources of information without omission by pasting links to pages that have been referenced
■ Relevant information that is not in textbooks (web pages, YouTube videos, maps) can be used together for explanation

Application example in class
· Resources can be shared more efficiently by preparing supplementary materials like videos of experiments as link sticky notes in advance

File sticky notes

■ Different types of files can be added to create notes that are intuitive and easier to understand

Application example in class
· Saves time by reducing time and effort spent writing on a blackboard
· Points can be written out directly in a way that's easy for students to understand

Recording function

■ Audio recordings or audio files can be attached to sticky notes
■ Recording can be performed in five phases in the range of 15 seconds to 2 minutes

Application example in class
· Can be used for language- or music-related tasks
· Speech and pronunciation can be recorded for checking

Connect sticky notes to make a slideshow

■ Multiple sticky notes can be connected with lines to create a slideshow
■ Sticky notes can be folded and organized, or be arranged in a single row

Application example in class
· Useful for presentations

ClassPad Math sticky notes

■ Promotes retention of knowledge by visually understanding changes to, and properties of, graphs and shapes
■ Graphs and shapes, etc. can be rendered using simple operations to reduce the time spent on writing on the blackboard and make classes more efficient
■ Statistical data and statistical graphs can also be handled easily, making the notes helpful in information and exploration classes
■ Also equipped with high-precision calculation functions that make the most of Casio's calculator development expertise

Main Functions
Functional calculus/Graphs/Geometry/Statistics

3. ClassWiz Emulator on *Fees apply

The ClassWiz emulator software from the ClassWiz Series of scientific calculators is available on ClassPad Math at
You can select and launch the same model as your own model of ClassWiz scientific calculator.

Controls for ClassWiz Emulator

■ Numbers, functions and other data can be input by clicking the ClassWiz Emulator keys
■ Data can also be input using a computer keyboard

Taking screenshots of the calculation screen

■ It is possible to take a screenshot of the calculation screen being displayed and add it as an independent sticky note

Displays the input history (key log)

■ It is possible to display the input history (key log) for ClassWiz Emulator
■ The input history (key log) can be copied and pasted to a text sticky note or to other applications*

*Separate installation of the font file is required.

Automatic generation of various types of sticky notes

■ Various types of sticky notes such as graphs and numerical tables can be automatically created based on the calculation results and data currently displayed on ClassWiz Emulator

Learn more about the rates for ClassWiz Emulator on here

4. QR Code Link Feature

ClassWiz series scientific calculators have a feature that converts calculation results or numerical table screens with input data into QR codes for display.
Scanning the QR codes displayed on the ClassWiz scientific calculator screen with the ClassWiz Calc App on your smart device can automatically generate sticky notes in ClassPad Math on based on ClassWiz data.
You can use the various features of and ClassWiz scientific calculators to engage in deeper mathematical learning.

*The QR code function may not be available on some of the ClassWiz models.

Input data

Generate & scan QR code

Graph on smart device

Makes formulas visually understandable

Analyze graph allows you to display graphs and perform various visual analyses. NEW

Search for "ClassWiz Calc App" on the AppStore or Google play.
※ The name differs depending on the region. Please download either "ClassWiz Calc App" "ClassWiz Calc App QR" "ClassWiz Calc App plus“.

Basic math tool functions and digital notes are available for free!

*Please note that some features are restricted in the free version of math tools.

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