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Supports Advanced Learning

The new digital notes feature and ClassWiz Emulator have been added to the Graphing Calculator functions!
An all-in-one ICT learning app suitable for both the classroom and independent study

*Only ClassPad Math will be available

Graphing Calculator function "ClassPad Math" helps users to understand mathematics visually by allowing intuitive, simple control of a variety of graphs, shape creation functions, statistics and calculations. Users can also publish any mathematics educational materials that they have created to users around the world using URLs.

Digital Notes Feature

A variety of information useful for everyday learning can be accumulated using text input, handwriting input, images, website links and more. By creating unique, colorful notes with their own personal touches, students are certain to be motivated to learn.

ClassWiz Emulator on *Fees apply

The ClassWiz Sticky emulator software from the ClassWiz Series of scientific calculators is available on It can be used using the same UI as the ClassWiz Series scientific calculators, and data input into ClassWiz Sticky and sticky notes based on calculation results can be automatically generated.

ClassPad Math and the digital notes feature are available for free!

Recognized for excellence was named the 2021 winner of the Tech & Learning Excellence Award for Secondary Education for its unparalleled versatility, compatibility, value, and ability to help schools solve challenges and support continuous instruction.

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