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Q1. Please give more details about the renewal.

The included features and UI have changed significantly in the renewed version of Ver 4.
Check the User's Guide here for feature details and instructions.

Q2. Can I carry on using a previous version?

No. Please transfer your data within the transfer period and use the renewed version.

Q3. What happens if I don't transfer my data?

The data that you have learned to date will not be carried over.
If you want to start using the service from scratch, you will not need to transfer your data.

Q4. Can I use the same email address for my account for the renewed version?

Yes. The data will not be automatically carried over even if you use the same email address, so please transfer your data separately.

Q5. I don't know the order number or license code required for the transfer.

These are written in the email that you received when you purchased the license. Check your inbox using the keyword "MyCommerce."

Q6. What is ClassPad Math?

This is the name of the mathematical functions in the renewed version.
In addition to mathematical functions, the renewed version includes notebook functions that can handle data such as image files and PDF files.

Q7. Where can I purchase a license for the renewed version?

Log in to the renewed version of, and go to Your Licenses > Purchase a License to make an online purchase.

Q8. Do purchased licenses get updated automatically?

No. There will be no automatic updates, so feel free to continue using your purchased license with peace of mind.

Q9. What is a CASIO ID?

A CASIO ID is an account provided by Casio that is required when making purchases online and using new online services such as the renewed
If you have already obtained a CASIO ID from a service other than, you can use that account with
Please also check out the CASIO ID introduction page here.

Q10. Operations are unstable and errors occur.

Please clear the cache and cookie from your web browser and try again.
It may be that some data was not communicated properly due to a temporary communication failure.

*The method for clearing the cache and cookies varies depending on the web browser

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