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List of Plans / Operating Environment | CASIO

List of Plans / Operating Environment

List of Plans


The digital notes feature and Graphing Calculator function "ClassPad Math" are available for free. Created notes can also be saved.

*Account creation is required


Only Graphing Functions are available for free without creating an account. However, the created data cannot be saved.

Option Plan provides the following option plans.

Option Name Option Description Price
ClassPad Math Plus CAS/advanced statistical calculations/financial calculation functions/handwriting recognition for use with ClassPad Math $24.95/Year
€ 24.95/Year
£19.95 /Year
ClassWiz ClassWiz Emulator for use with ClassPad Math $14.95/Year
ClassWiz Emulator for use with ClassPad Math(Volume License)
*Note: Volume License is a volume discount product for purchasing multiple licenses.
One License Code will be issued per volume license.
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Compatible models

Compatible models
 fx-82CW / 85CW / 350CW / 570CW / 991CW
 fx-82EX / 85EX / 350EX / 570EX / 991EX
 fx-8200 AU
 fx-82AR X / 95AR X / 570AR X / 991AR X
 fx-880BTG / 580VN X
 fx-82CE X / 85CE X / 350CE X / 991CE X
 fx-82DE CW / 85DE CW / 87DE CW /810DE CW / 991DE CW
 fx-82DE X / 85DE X / 87DE X / 991DE X
 fx-83GT CW, 85GT CW
 fx-83GT X / 85GT X
 fx-82LA CW / 570LA CW / 991LA CW
 fx-82LA X / 350LA X / 570LA X / 991LA X
 fx-991RS X
 fx-92 Collège / 92B Secondaire
 fx-92+ Spéciale Collège / 92B Spéciale Collège
 fx-97SG X
 fx-82SP CW / 85SP CW / 570SP CW / 991SP CW
 fx-82SP X,XII / 85SP XII / 350SP X,XII / 570SP X,XII / 991SP X,XII
 fx-JP500CW / fx-JP700CW / fx-JP900CW / fx-550AZ
 fx-JP500 / JP700 / JP900 / 530AZ


Operating Environment

Recommended browsers

Provider Browser Name Compatible Suggested Version
Google Google Chrome Latest version
Chronium Chronium Edge
Apple Safari

*Compatibility is guaranteed if a later version than the suggested version is used
*Browser settings (assumed that the following browser settings are applied when using this service's front-end service)
JavaScript enabled
Cookies enabled
TLS 1.2 communication enabled

Target Machine Device Operating System Version
PC Windows Windows Up to the latest version and the previous major version
Mac macOS
Chromebook Chrome OS
Tablet iPad iPadOS 14 or later
(ClassPad Math only)
iPhone iOS 14 or later
Android Android 10 or later

*Screen resolution
Recommended environment for PCs and tablets: 1280 × 1024 px or higher
Recommended environment for smartphones: Use in portrait orientation

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